Image alignment on full image background

hello there,
i will be new to web making

concerning a full image background that is set to 100% thickness and height. now i will be trying to insert a image connected with 100 x 100 for a specific location making use of div tags as well as tried using table as well… now the issues is around the three computers relating to if i collection them to selected screen resolution, the image when i inserted aligns the identical on all 3 computer but plainly set them for you to different screen promises.. the image that we have inserted that’s 100 x 100px changes accross the tv screen…. is there any way we can position the picture there itself for all the screen resolutions… so that regardless of the screen resolution is the image will hold the same place actually for 1024×768 for 1920×1200

there has to be any way to obtain through this…

hoping for replies soon…

thanks before hand…

Define exactly what you mean by means of " screen resolution".
Will you be talking about an authentic monitor/video adjustment, as well as a browser dimensions adjustment

Give us a link to the page so you can easlily see it also.

hi thanks for replying at the moment its not on the web… resolution is what i adjusted pertaining to my system display settings….

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