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Hi, I am building an online site and I would really like users to upload a photo and possess basic editing methods. They need to edit size, word, etc. I have witnessed this on several websites and it is made in flash. Where would WE find this My business is willing to fork out but obviously a free one would become great. Thanks with the help and suggestions.

I’ve seen those too, but you’re discussing some pretty extensive programming, so I hesitation you’d find one totally free. Seems to me there was clearly a site prohibited called flashkit. com that helped flash developers to help post their made apps for others to utilize, tweak, etc.

WHEN I agree, to do that online would demand Flash, or a great. exe file involving some kind (along using ASP)
that the client would need to install into his or her PC.

I doubt there are anything free that you could download and utilize. There might end up being online
services with this, but you would sign up for those (not within your control).

nicely, as i stated in the beginning. i am willing to pay more for it. so does any person have any advice on how to locate something like that will.

I was re-reading the very first post…
Have you been saying that that regarding edit the genuine photo itself, simply the dimensions in addition to any captions

If you mean that some people actually edit pixels, colours, etc on that photo, that is Flash.
Whenever they are only changing the size and a caption of which appears under the photo (on a web page),
that is definitely just done by using PHP scripting.

Shed light on what you meant in post #1.

thumb is fine. i expect it for being flash. i use a website that shall be selling custom t shirts and we need a way intended for customers to upload/create their very own designs.

Indeed… that’s a relatively advanced image application.
I’ve seen several great t-shirt design apps come with other websites.
If you find some of those sites, and the site owner is not just a competitor (or turmoil of interest),
you might be able to email them and have where or exactly who programmed their software.

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