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I am new to this stuff,

wanting to make a page which has full image foundation, i want to suit a image around the background which is definitely approx. 325x280px…. i am utilizing Dreamweaver now to be honest, I am implementing Divtag to put a image i am able to undertake… but the issue is i insert image at a point and that image is viewed differently on the other two computers that we have one as being a laptop and additional Desktop.

can someone help me within this… and can someone ok , i’ll know where am I going wrong and what do i need to do.. in order the inserted image stays around the same place on all three computers which i have….

hoping to check out some replies…

Thanks earlier

Hard to express to what’s wrong not having seeing the code – will it be online somewhere
Is it possible please post your link

Prefer a background image for a total page… 325×280 is So small to undertake the entirety. I had suggest something closer to 1600×900. You’ll want to give it your fixed position beginning at top: 0 still left: 0.

If you’re giving a < div> tag a background-image… set the div sizes to width: 325px height: 280px. As significantly as having that will specific < div> display in the same location in most browsers, there are a variety of different ways to start this. The most common will be to create a h2o page design. You’ll want to create an all-encompassing box where your webpage content might be placed, and most likely you’ll want to center it.

Here’s some sample code that you should toy with:

design. css–

body, html page margin: 0; foam: 0; font-family: georgia, situations, serif;
#header size: 100%; height: 50px; background-image: url('.. /images/header. jpg'); margin-bottom: 15px;
#header-main border: 0 auto; size: 960px; position: comparable;
. right float: correct;
. top10 margin-top: 10px;

index. html–

< html>
< head>
< website href=" css/style. css" rel=" stylesheet" type=" text/css" />
< /head>
< body>
< div id=" header" >
< div id=" header-main" >
< div class=" correct top10" >
< img src=" images/logo_small. png" >
< /div>
< /div>
< /div>
< /body>
< /html> 

Hope this specific helps

many thanks it worked like a charm…

many thanks again.

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