Image ruins text formatting in other table cells


I have small web style and design problem that’s been bugging me for an unnecessarily while.

On this subject page of your company website (http: //www. icc-usa. com/ddr3-population. asp), the second table features three images from the third column. You’ll notice which the text in the first and second columns is not really at the very top from the table cell, but is pushed down for reasons uknown.

The reason being of those photos, but I don’t learn how to fix the copy. In the very first table, which lacks pictures, the text platforms in its right place. Does everyone have any ideas

Thanks beforehand,
Alex L.

try this with your HTML in the cells you would like to align the text towards top

< td valign=" top" >

hence, like this:

DDR3 Ram Population Performance
< /caption>
< thead>
< tr>
< th scope=" col" > Usage< /th>
< th scope=" col" > Population< /th>
< th scope=" col" > Performance< /th>
< /tr>

< /thead>
< tfoot> < /tfoot>
< tbody>
< tr>
< th scope=" row" >
Greatest Bandwidth
< /th>
< tdCOLOR=Red valign=" top" /COLOR>
< ul>

< li> DDR3 1333 across 3 channels< /li>
< li> DPC (6 DIMMs)< /li>
< li> Max capacity 48 GB< /li>
< /ul>
< /td>
< td> < img src=" redesign/images/DDR3-population-1333. jpg" alt=" DDR3 ram population for 1333 MHz all around three channels" /> < /td>
< /tr> 

Hi AlphaMare,

Thanks with the suggestion. Unfortunately, it does not fix it. As well, the CSS vertical-align home doesn’t solve this matter either. Any different ideas

Alex L.

I recently tried it available in Firebug, so for Firefox as a minimum, try this:

in your, do this

dining room table, td, th text-align: quit; vertical-align: major;

This fixed it with Firefox – WHEN I haven’t tried whatever in IE nonetheless….

M. A NEW.,

Thanks for your persistence! I thought I’d tried that (rather obvious) alternative before, but apparently I’d not. Page will be fixed!

Alex L

Woo — Hoo!

Although does it work in IE


It operates in IE6 along with IE8, but I haven’t had an opportunity to check it about IE7 (most likely works there too). Gives thanks again.

I have IE 7, and also yes, it operates there now also!

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