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thought about a question, checkout this kind of website

H7 Sporting Team

how can i make a banner and animate it and possess it blend with the flames like that

along with another question

Drake Ostrom Racing

planned to know how he got the advertising to animate that way if anyone includes any ideas id regards thanks.

umm can anyone give me a real answer im sick and tired with all these people advertisting

Both of people image effects usually are done with javascript – review the source code and you will see it.

thank u alpha i appreciate it, was wondering what exactly image program are able to do javascript possibly dreamweaver and also fireworks

Javascript is rule that manipulates pictures etc – it not create the images – you make the images with Photoshop or something after which you can use the javascript to generate the animations.

Image #1:
This image is created strictly via some sort of GIF program, nearly all possibly Photoshop by the Animation toolbar. For that reason, the overlay as well as such is generated strictly inside the graphics program per se. That is one particular image, nothing far more.

Image #2:
It was created via Dreamweaver and also it’s build throughout animation effects. I’m sure this by looking at the source the seeing the MM_ prefix for the JavaScript functions. While you have available DW for your animations, it’s unpleasant, and just effectively… it’s nasty, we are going to leave it with that.

If you need to create animated GIF’s throughout photoshop, check out there this tutorial. It is really short and special. Also if you’re wanting to use Dreamweaver’s built-in animations, DON’T… Just search around for jQuery plugins for you personally. Unless your likely to code your of course.

Desire it helps, or even just ask, MY PARTNER AND I check the community forum daily.

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