Images wrapping in unordered list inline menu

I’m developing a menu using the unordered list considering the items presented inline. The menu features six text links and two images : Twitter and LinkedIn icons. Each text connection and image can be an individual list object. Before adding backlinks to each listing item, the menu appears began seeing I would be expecting – inline. However, when I add links into the icons, the icons wrap to new traces (the text backlinks remain together for the " top" line).

I have searched for a reply to this problem, but can’t uncover anything.

Support is greatly valued!

Gives thanks.

If you’ve got a link so we could see, that would be most valuable…

Here’s a test page the location where the format is what I would prefer: Social Media Inbound links Test

And here’s certainly one of my site pages considering the code used above embedded in to a template:
Leah Gillespie

Thanks beforehand for your assist!

#SMLinks ul li a

This particular line needs your float: right. In that case some padding: 0 5px appearance about right.

By the way, floats should have a width applied so you do not have any bugs pop up banner in different browsers.


Thanks *so* much!!!

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