In a pickle need some advice

A significant long story but I can try bullet point to produce it easy for you to read

  • Me and my best mate out source work to one another regularly ( My organization is a web dev/ nancy designer)
  • I get a job at an important company in preston and find nicely paid for it
  • My boss mentioned for the off he thinks the website needs an innovative logo
  • I give it to the woman’s (out sourced) and agreed a rate of 200. 00(which I didnt thought process paying myself providing she did the best job.. so that the company thought We’ve done it and also we both win. )
  • The logo’s come back plus they are poor, really poor. Like she simply just added a brand or a dot towards the end of their current logo.
  • Boss doesnt as if it and now she’s demanding her money for doing the project.
  • I believed to her there just isn’t a sniff nancy getting a penny for that work as it’s so sub par.
  • We enter a massive discussion and we fallout big time (we wont recover using this trust me)
  • We were currently doing 2 freelance tasks as well while doing so. Now I own taken down now there dev sites and refuse to give her the job (as its the woman client) as I realize she wont fork out me now in this.

Urgh I know kinda a unusual situation. But basically she wants venturing into work she did however it isnt up to standard which i would expect especially paying 200. 00 for your logo!
Any tips how to handle this in the long run or anything males

I will say…. nothing on paper, no contracts authorized, only a verbal agreement….
she won’t get paid. In the U. S., she could take you to definitely small claims court (like Judge Judy),
and attempt to obtain a settlement. That could well be her only recourse. I have no idea of what happens
within the U. K.

I realize the collaboration is passed, but maybe an individual and her can accept you finishing her client’s
site and call the item even. No income involved. Get someone to mediate if that would help.

It’s sad it got to that point from the start. I would imagine most graphic developers would
as a minimum provide a couple of rough drafts therefore , the client can get a concept of where it can be going. There would
also be some form of agreement on 1/2 now, 1/2 when performed. If the rough drafts are not going
for you to even be in close proximity, and no option would be made, the designer keeps the best half. That probably
doesn’t happen very often though.

Have your boss escrow some profit into 99designs in addition to see what a big pile of
designers might produce: http: //99designs. com/

Well annoyingly , many people was. There was practically nothing signed nothing exclusively the occasional e-mail between us however it was all verbal with the phone.

After i saw the logos to start with I was including sh! t these are generally bad. We had a great deal work on during the time I said to her spend the 200. 00 from our half on one of many projects and the lady agreed

Further later on those projects havent compensated yet (only like 4 weeks since we agreed) and I rise to an bill from her saying she wants to be paid full amount in Seven days. I didnt mind letting her keep your extra 200 in a very project amount of cash as they spend her and she just forwards over money to do, but I dont wish to now py your girlfriend 200 if this money with the clients arnt come together.

Urgh jane is so annoying > <.

Acquaintanceship is friendship… Small business is business

Plain and simple, if you cannot seperate the 2 this is the classic example of what sometimes happens.

I have several business relationships that contain turned in for you to personal friendships, but on the subject of business, we nevertheless use our legal agreements. If the legal agreements aren’t fulfilled… Then its not a personal thing… It’s profitable business thing.

Simply wondering… Why on earth won’t she re-do the actual logos Or in addition to this, now that you have been caught trying to play with company resources… Why would everyone submit work done by somebody else as your very own… Without looking on it… Or merely saying… Hey… Wait per minute… This isn’t genital herpes virus treatments agreed upon…

Although no, you subbed that out, expecting to consider credit for someone else’s work… But you’ve got called on that, and now a person’s striking back from her…

If she did art you contracted her to undertake and then accepted it as total… She should get paid… Unless of course you had an agreement to start with… " if hd like the logo design, you need to help re work it"… But I suspect you had been just so overcome by an opportunity to take credit for a persons work.. You merely assumed your employers would take no matter what you provided.

Shell out her, put other stuff back upwards so she can continue to keep work… When those people jobs are carried out… Shake hands and leave…

By what you’ve mentioned… YOU are alone that was not necessarily on he up or longer with your employers…

I suspect a person’s bosses probably may have guessed you weren’t doing the effort… And threw this curve all at you…

Webzarus Its in contrast to that at just about all mate. Basically the bosses suggested they would like a different logo designing thus to their website. There wasnt every contract or anything needed they just thought it would nice. I thought as being a friend I would out source that to her plus see what the girl could do. I informed her what I wished and what the current logo is like and yes it was poorly dilvered and notat an average nearly worth TWO HUNDRED. 00.

I didnt imagine ‘oh she can perform it all and Let me get credit’, I have been working and developing the website for months now. I was hoping to exhibit the bosses something which they’d like and therefore I could give her some profit for it, but it was elementary things.. it was a very poor logo!

Fiftly, its not business funds! Its my wage I became paying her.

We agreed mutually as we do lots of work together that one of our sideline projects which i had quoted 900 for she might take out 200. 00 from that as it is her buyer and she was happy about this. That was this agreement.

WHEN I guess this aspect didn’t really sink-in by using me:
"… to ensure that the company thought We’ve done it and also we both win. "

This does sound to some degree self-preserving. I nevertheless think you and her should
still finish the opposite project and disappear. A lesson very well learned by together.


REVISE, since we entered posted…
Simply how much work is left around the other project
Could it be something you can finish and always be done with

"… to ensure that the company thought We’ve done it and also we both win. "

Simply how much work is left around the other project
Could it be something you can finish and always be done with

Most likely around 6-8 time work. The project has been quoted at 2000 and the client paid her the first deposit.

It turned out on schedule being completed for Monday but now them wont be done over time for that I doubt.

Regardless of what you lot could think, this company logo was poor lol, and also 200. 00 can be ridiculous.

Can there be anyone that both of you know that might somehow mediate this
Get an agreement you finish the recent project and including you said,
she can just cut the 200 out of that I realize you’re having the short-end
of the stick, but you’ll be better off emotionally to acquire this over together with.
I do think removing the tension and weight on this problem is value 200.
We’ve spent an hour or so now just speaking about it.

Yeah I know its been disheartening as hell seeing that she was a new close friend although I doubt you can easlily mend after this kind of.

Thanks for anyone your feedback.

And the moral of situation is…. Friendship is usually friendship… Business is usually business… And utilised together not be combined…

Over the same lines as " lending income to family"… Don’t lend what you cannot afford to share.. If it returns… Great… If getting older, just glad I became able to help out.

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