In Urgent need of help

Hey everybody.
I’ve got your background image using a website. However I would like the body content being in a almost white semi-transparent layer. So the image can certainly seen through it though the text is understandable!

Ooh, I ‘ve a superb solution for this
Make a transparent, 1×1 bright pixel, and set it as being the background. 0kb quality, so it’s as when you were using CSS.

easy, open photoshop as well as a graphic editor. create a 1x1px canvas, make a new layer along with fill with whitened, then click that, and set the transparency to say 40% (you must try to fiddle by using this)

Save and upload with your text container as:

#containerbackground-image: url(.. /images/textcont. png);

Make sure everyone save it as a png though without a jpg because jpg doesn’t service transparency k

Desire this helps

haha GARY, Great minds assume alike ey!

lol MY PARTNER AND I totally ninja’d ones post. You described it way better though, hahah

And you posted first ‘!

Thanks men.

OK well Concerning an issue: -(

Ok, well share along with us

Basically, George was a little bit incorrect.

What you look for is a trans background, not a trans track record.

YAY! I got just thinking: He or she should either claim " translucent background" as well as " a background using a transparency setting connected with 30%" when everyone posted.

Why the heck will be thing in that header

Modify: this post doesn’t make sense ever since those other posts beware of.
I got replying to George’s questoin…

MY PARTNER AND I plead grammar lack of education, not design lack of education xD

It is best to upload it so I’ll see it. I went along to your site, along with I don’t view trans(eh) backgrounds.

just the logo community has it these days: -( why
http: //shovehost. com/renewcomputers/

because your #container is just 75px high. look at setting it to help either ‘auto’ as well as some bigger range.

why not use opacity to the background

sift: alpha(opacity=50);
-moz-opacity: 0. YOUR FIVE;
-khtml-opacity: 0. YOUR FIVE;
opacity: 0. YOUR FIVE;

where should i put that in the CSS

Because then the opacity is true of everything in that element

2 elements one onto another… Z-index of 5 around the one with opacity employed… text to #000, track record color of #fff, opacity just around the background color…

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