Interesting Video Commenting Widget

Had been on another community forum earlier and noticed this. Thought it was before pretty interesting hence I thought I might share. It’s a video clip commenting widget so that users to comment on video that you embedd against your website. I just opted for the beta, just waiting on the email to show me how to install.

http: //www. scenechat. com

Found an example / live demo on their weblog. Just in case you would like to see how the item works.

http: //scenechat. com/blog/demo/

Appears like they still possess a few things to operate on, or actually it may not ready for our old version associated with firefox. Either way, still pretty hip IMO.

Hopefully some of you can test it out.

Legitimately, I got as far as the title bar of the page. I view " SEO" and I simply click off.

It really is a cool instrument, but if it’s marketed that way… it probably isn’t really.


< title> SceneChat Sociable Video Marketing Cultural Video Sharing SVM SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Video Commenting Plugin< /title>

Only an idiot would believe a video widget is associated with SEO… and of course, the majority involving SEOs are overqualified (underqualified) in the field of silly.

I didn’t evaluate the page concept, I guess when you find yourself in the WEB OPTIMIZATION field you have a tendency to notice those sorts of things. Me being the caveman that i am, I just looked at the actual widget the item self and start out clicking around. Maybe they’re just working on something for SEO and haven’t released the words yet Who is aware right

MY SPOUSE AND I normally don’t also. That just drew my own eye. I fully grasp why you’re drawn to it, although. Makes sense.

They might have something inside the works related in order to SEO, but MY PARTNER AND I doubt it. There’s a pertinent mentality that inbound links are SEO (which will be flawed, but that’s the nature from the beast) and Youtube/video/social media is an " integral portion of that strategy. "

Once again, no harm no foul done to you. You posted a thing you thought had been cool. Respect for your.

You find out, people just create jobs for on their own. I never recall search engines like yahoo coming out with a document explaining ways to get position number throughout searches.

In any event, I just thought the one thing was pretty neat and unique. I’m going to see if I’ll contact these guys and have them about why they’ve SEO in the actual title. Maybe they will provide some more information on that. However you are probably appropriate.

Seriously, i highly recommend you share that response. I’m very involved to hear what they have to say.

As well as yeah, that well said about people producing jobs for by themselves.

Probably just one of those " this is actually the new big thing"…. that will someone dreamed up… Not knowing much about web site design… how the web works.. SEO… more or less anything useful…

be interesting to view what their response could well be…

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