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I made an easy RSVP site for just a client, intended to be used as a web-based RSVP to a new Bat Mitzvah. Samara is usually Awesome

As well as is basically an image which i sliced in illustrator. It appears to get OK in Safari/IE/Firefox. Nevertheless, if any of you will have an iPhone you will see that the picture breaks apart.

Concerning no experience having optimizing for cellular. Any advice could well be greatly appreciated.


Works fine on the iPhone – 3GS along with iOS 4.

modify > scratch that, some scrolling around the iphone broke it. Even on some sort of desktop browser there is an odd layer overlap effect on the right side It doesn’t seem to help much with any kind of scalable or substance layout. To see spinning program so well, slowly start minimizing the width with the browser window, and at a certain point the suitable side breaks and it also looks like you will discover 2 layers while using same crayons/calendar video. Is there any duplicate layer having a higher z-index

You could potentially really simplify stuff by just setting up a large image of the board as the particular container div background and then do relative keeping the 3 divs that contain the directions, the form and the crayons. You could potentially even do image links for the directions and crayons and place one layer with an improved z-index on top for that form. Much cleaner without every one of the sliced up photos in tables mixed in divs etc.

Thanks for ones help! I think I could have figured out your a fix already. My biggest mistake was that we let somebody other than them put their hands and wrists on it. I basically did as well as over from damage last night, and it is working perfect. Allow me to know if the item looks ok now


Yep, is working now.

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