Is a ‘Different’ design concept better ???

This might be too general a question to anticipate an answer via but here goes..

I am in the deal of getting quotes from companies to get a 4 page website which includes. ne at top and sql at the back. The site shall be used by health-related staff who admit they aren’t computer experts!

The three designs that have come back are usually all nice but one of these uses ExtJS desktop which can be radically different. ( notice dev. sencha. com/deploy/ext-4. 0. 0/examples/desktop/desktop. html page )

We have shown it by some friends and several say thats great cos its different, others have said why have a very website that appears like a desktop

What do people think I love the simplicity connected with say apple. com but just undecided about the desktop

What a concept that will lead to confusion IMHO. I’ve seen a niche site here and there that has been built like that, but I wouldn’t undertake it myself. People will exchangeable their desktops with the " website" pc, and that’s simply just too radical a new concept.

Thanks to the comment. I think you happen to be right. I have a different website design partially complete for this NHS client ; however , spent hours trawling through website templates along with eventually posted employment for some assist on guru and on the list of companies showed this desktop design. Wow I notion thats different but then the more I viewed it I wondered it if was advisable..

Once you learn of any beneficial sites for themes or good designers that would be great

You say you wish the apple. com site – is your site to be a variation on a good e-commerce type site
By i always don’t mean e-commerce that way, but you say its for medical personnel who sadly are not necessarily computer-savvy and will be using sql, so I am assuming a database for much more than just membership – would you like a file repository, a teaching software, a forum

It is possible to ultimate use on the site
That may dictate to a big degree the system and structure.

There are lots of really good themes and templates on the market – some actually free.
Unless you mind paying for your template, you will use Themeforest. net – they want templates for nearly all platform you can imagine from straight HTML to all or any the open-source CMS.

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