Is it possible to have a video pop up that stays and plays different videos?

Hello there,

I’m in the operation of creating the document that specifies what I would like a developer to set-up for me, and I want to find out what’s possible plus what isn’t.

Concerning a series involving video lessons, along with on each module web site, I want to acquire several 30 to be able to 70 links to help video lessons.

Considering that videos are finest viewed at 800×600 resolution, I’m worried this, if I develop the videos play with the same page since the list of video tutorials (as well as the browser header Plus the web page header), the main thing will appearance awful.

Thus, when a user clicks for a lesson link, I would like to have an outside video screen turn up. That way an individual can see how the lesson links can be obtained AND the movies are just playing inside pop up (which they will move to along side it, to select different videos).

1st, is this possible Can it be an okay from your functionality standpoint (I know some people have pop ups flipped off)

Likewise, once the 1st video has gamed, and the user clicks on a different video, is it possible to have the following video play inside the same pop upward video player which was used for the initial video, or will a second video player pop up Understandably, I’d like to own the same turn up video player to be used each moment.

Besides: I plan to apply a commercial video hosting site (like Vzaar) to be able to host the video clips.

Other remedy I’m considering is creating a new window start when someone keys to press a link. This is less desirable in my opinion since the new window will have every one of the brower stuff about it. That explained, if I visit that route, should it be possible to include subsequent videos play within the same window that’s used for the very first video

This is the long post, I’m sure.
Any help could well be greatly appreciated.


Everyone mentioned this:
Besides: I plan to apply a commercial video hosting site (like Vzaar) to be able to host the video clips.

Discover what kind of features complete medical billing offers for their customers.
They might offer something that one could use… like their video player embedded,
with features you need.

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