Is it wrong to do this?

Hello there guys,

Easy question. I found a working male wanting to promote a script in my opinion for aorund EIGHT dollers. See instance:

http: //aiwanplastic. biz/

For the example she has given you can view the facebook just like button but as soon as you install the script it is possible to change the opactity to be able to 0%. Basically it is going to allow a user to possess a hidden similar to button under his cursor once they enter your website plus they could accidentally click on making them much like the page they tend to be on or an immediate fan page.

Is it wrong to use this kind of script to find facebook fans It appears a bit sleazy but yet We can imagine it becoming so effective if people just simply click for no explanation which would spread your internet site around!


A bit sleazy Dude, that’s extremely sleazy… including a horrible person experience.

Here’s something to take into consideration… you’ve got that will stupid thing less than your cursor and you click a " Phone Us" link on the page you’re on in an attempt to contact someone you’re interested in talking to. You get Liking their Facebook or myspace page, which has zero contact info (most business pages don’t for some reason), instead. Might you be pissed Yes. Are you going to manage that company Daylights no.

That alone must tell you the best thing to do.

Dont fret dude I wouldnt own purchased it, because it did seem seriously un-ethical, I just desired some opinions on this kind of stuff..

I can give credit when credits due, its pretty clever knack of getting people to like your webblog.. however as mentioned a cheeky method around it.

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