Is my design professional?

I’ve changed the planning of 100pulse. com, make suggestions about my design… does the pattern look professional or perhaps some thing ought to be changed..

The planning is OK, nevertheless the concept is definitely not good.

Is there much point of it
If a person has an issue using site going lower,
that’s something you handle while using webhost.

The webhost also offers free stats, and for that reason does Google Analytics.
I’d hate to rely on some strange web site with my stats.

your design is clean in order to plane. but need a lot more graphic because their too simple plus a bit boring. excellent logo anyway

I do believe It’s a nice clean layout, I also like the use of Flash on the particular banner.

And also look rather good, But I privately feel the header section is often a little cluttered using the navigation bottom still left, and the hyperlinks top right. We’d try and find a better location for any top links, move them flush while using left or probably place the links down inside footer section. Play around at their side, see what seems to be good.

the planning is alright,

i dislike the idea. but if your earning profits off it, it have to be a good concept lol

but thats definitely not what were here to consider.

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