Is there a site for nice color schemes?

I have layouts, just dont own color schemes… just about any sites

http: //www. colorschemer. com/online. html

Although I propose learning more about color generally speaking… color scheme generators can only present you with a formulated loook… can’t present you with that extra edge given at a custom scheme, let alone the different feelings invoked from several colors… (whens a final time you noticed a mcdonalds advertising in dull greys and blues )

Gives thanks man

OMG!!! They stole the color table script (the color table over the bottom)!!! What must i do!

With the record…

The script:

functionality DrawPalette()

var outside, middle, inner=255;

insurance coverage. write('< div ID=" palette" > ');
insurance coverage. write('< table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 border=0 bgcolor=" #000000" > ');
insurance coverage. write('< tr> ');

for (outer = 255; outside > = 0; outer-=51)

for (middle = 255; center > = 0; middle-=51)

for (inner = 255; intrinsic > = 0; inner-=51)

tR=HEXCodes255 -- outer;
tG=HEXCodes255 -- middle;
tB=HEXCodes255 -- inner;

document. write('< td height=" 11" width=" 11" bgcolor=" #'+tR+tG+tB+'" > < a new href=" #"
onClick=" ChangeColors('+(255 -- outer)+', '+(255 -- middle)+', '+(255 -- inner)+');
return phony; " > < img src=" obvious. gif" border=" 0" width=" 11" height=" 11"
/> < /a> < /td> ');

if(outer! =0) insurance coverage. write('< /tr> < tr> ');

insurance coverage. write('< /tr> ');
insurance coverage. write('< /table> ');
insurance coverage. write('< /div> ');

My script:

functionality loadColorPicker(color)
insurance coverage. writeln('< TR> ');
insurance coverage. writeln('< TD COLSPAN=3> ');
insurance coverage. writeln('< TABLE CELLPADDING=0 CELLSPACING=1 BORDER=0 BGCOLOR=" #000000" > ');
for (var x=0; x< =255; x=x+51)
for (var y=0; y< =255; y=y+51)
for (var z=0; z< =255; z=z+51)
when (((x/51*36)+(y/51*6)+z/51)%36 == 0) insurance plan. writeln('< TR> ');
insurance coverage. writeln('< TD BGCOLOR=" #' + getHexValue(x) + getHexValue(y) + getHexValue(z) +
'" > < IMG SRC=" /images/spacer. gif" STYLE=" cursor: hand"
ONMOUSEOVER=" highlightColor(' + a + ', WI + y + A, ' + z + ')"
ONCLICK=" saveColor(' + a + ', WI + y + A, ' + z + ')" WIDTH=10 HEIGHT=10
BORDER=0 ALT=" #' + getHexValue(x) + getHexValue(y) + getHexValue(z) + '" > < /A> < /TD> ');
when (((x/51*36)+(y/51*6)+z/51)%36 == 35) insurance plan. writeln('< /TR> ');

insurance coverage. writeln('< /TABLE> ');
insurance coverage. writeln('< /TD> ');
insurance coverage. writeln('< /TR> ');
insurance coverage. writeln('< /TABLE> ');

Am WHEN I crazy or will anyone else notice the similarity!

They can’t have done the idea before mine, often… that script is 2 years of age!!!

The way I recognize they stole it can be this line:

insurance coverage. write('< table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 border=0 bgcolor=" #000000" > ');

Every other distinct their script employs quotes on all attributes… this brand, however, uses identical formatting that my verizon prepaid phone does (no quotes EXCEPT about the bgcolor)… they only achieved it all lowercase.

You need to someone tell me personally I’m crazy!!!

*Sniff Sniff* *Sniff Sniff* WHEN I smell lawsuite

With the record… here’s what my script seems like:

http: //www. transio. com/color_picker. htm

Amazing, that’s interesting… where was your own code posted for them to consider

Perhaps you were.. but the script offers many practical programs, and is not necessarily explicitly copyrighted… I do think it would come under the same catagory as claiming this web site ripped mine as it uses the < body> label.

spluf, it once were on http: //www. anewhorizon. org. It was part of the content editor I created for that site. They recently redesigned your website, though.

Brak, you don’t have to " explicitly" copyright something for your copyright to become legally binding. It’s still illegal to rip scripts which you didn’t write… and in many cases WORSE to benefit off them!!! These folks actually SELL its product that evidently uses my script!!

Yeah I know what you imply… however, I’m saying this falls into your catagory of around impossible to prove. Personally I’ve used a lot of people’s codes…. however, I always moify them with a major extent. I find it’s the best ways to learn (view source).

As well… you mentioned everyone built it suitable control panel that you just sold a web page to someone… wouldnt’ it sequentially be the man you sold the item to’s copyright, rather than yours anymore

I sold them a license to utilize the software, not the rights into the source code. It’s within the contract.

if you’ve kept that contract, combined with code that it goes coupled with, you got by yourself a case then…

usually, you got screwed.

Javascript is so easy to take there really isn’t any kind of point in seeking to copywrite it. If you get ripped in connection with your next version surpasses theirs. Copywrites are generally for Server Side technologies, not client side IMO. I’m working away at a big javascript project today, and I intend on releasing it totally free on DynamicDrive. com. From then on, I will utilize that for self promotion in addition to being evidence that I am the original cause of it. If I have ripped Dynamic Push would probably maintain that since they will copywrite that things. I won’t involve myself in such chases though, its a lot of time and effort for the kind of things.

Wow – waking up an old thread here.

Looking at the code transio posted – they would not steel his script. There are several fundamental differances that proove these were authored seperatly. For instance, the sequence associated with if statements have different logic in order to them. It’s a bit more than just adjusting the variable these people :. It’s fundamentally some other script cause it lets you do the if

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