is there a webdesign help site about website layouts?

for a website with 100 of the most standard/popular/typical web site design layouts

ive tried considering template sites for getting some ideas, and possess gotten some, but we need like the principles in layout.

virtually any ideas

Searching for the principals of coding layouts

Here’s a niche site that discusses layout techniques using CSS, including degrees of six common along with popular layouts.

http: //www. glish. com/css/

thx to the replies, but we were thinking along the lines on the site with images/thumbnails of the most common/populae format types.

The whole basis of website design is that anyone design.

That link that is posted is great since it discusses the pros and cons of various format… but *never* design a niche site based on images/thumbs by another… if an individual asks for a site " like xxxx. com" then you can observe how that web site works and replicate the basic operation, but *not* copy it… do not do that, because if you are doing the original site may visit and haunt you if they discover they’ve already been plaguerised.

Go on it from me… customising somebody else’s design is definitely far, far harder than starting from scratch… I have been bitten by that will before. The " pretty much there" that took longer to obtain " there" when compared with if I’d going from scratch: -(


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