Is this how layouts should be in general?

i just designed my primary site for someone but consequently i’ve noticed in which like 99% of sites appear to have this layout like inside the layout below (a box for quite happy with a texture/color around it), for example like about the Blue Cross/Blue Shield site: http: //www. bcbs. com/ my site however didn’t have lines for just a box around the item but instead the actual background was exact same for content area and for the sides surrounding the content area.

Framing that content helps guide the eyes. Especially if the person incorporates a massive screen, and the website is very tiny because of the resolution.

You might have any type of layout you like, as long because content is obviously and easily visible. There are zero set rules as steps to make a website. use your imagination and construct something

Everthing depends on ones target market too, if you decide on an industry ( almost any industry ), search engines it with generic words, compared the look and feel of the major 3-4 sites, you might see some similarities.

What you’ll uncover is that many of the sites that happen to be around a even though has spent a lot effort in figuring out the layout that is best suited for for their aim for market.

You will discover always exceptions towards the rule though, but your written content is what attracts in and keeps visitors in addition to it provides searchengines the data it needs to index your internet site properly. Search engines don’t like layout, colors, for example.

yeah was curious because i had been wondering if he remaining portion of the design world did actually understand something i don’t utilizing that type associated with layout where every one of the content is from a big box floating in the center of a color/textured history.

the traget market i have been previously looking at is health professionals and you will observe from these random sites i recently found by googling " chiropractors" that they follow the design we mentioned.

http: //www. lkessel. com/
http: //www. drshoshany. com/

here are hit-or-miss sites that do not have the one significant floating box in the centre layout. these type regarding sites in my searching are rare.

http: //fusionads. net/

http: //ecoki. com/iphone/

If you want, here are some comments regarding the site you get listed:

The lkessel site is definitely old one, employing extensive inline decorating and tables intended for layout.

The drshoshany site has a proprietary CMS through http: //chiromatrix. com/ as well as uses lots regarding inline styling along with tables for array.

The fusionads site is often a WordPress site, and actually does contain the box layout you talk about, only the field is white, as is a background, so you can not see the box outline.

That ecoki site is definitely another WordPress web page, built on the custom theme that uses 1 large image for its background.

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