I’ve been told my webpage doesn’t fit every resolution/monitor size, how do I fix this?

And here is my webpage, We have it aligned, but I want to set up a code so that no matter what size monitor you could have, it will display correctly. I’m an amateur with regards to coding and css. I’m more of an expert at the look rather than this html stuff. Many thanks,


What your trying for is called your fluid or fruit juice layout, that will adjust everything about the page based around the size of the browser.

Enter into your esophagus a very complicated and tricky activity correctly. Since you will discover so many resolutions then you throw in different browsers, it is difficult to do when every browser on every resolution displays precisely the same.

The basic thing you’ll want to do is dimensions every element about the page using percentages rather than fixed sizes. If you’re new to CSS, you should do some homework on liquid or perhaps fluid CSS layouts before attempting while it can and will probably be very frustrating trying to accomplish without understanding the idea.

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