jab at javascript.

post made this reacting to a gallery question and took the particular opertunity to cling it to javascript(i loathe it so therefore much). but… unfortunately. i don’t have enough machines in order to cross browser check out it. can some of you look in your browsers and inform me if it is garbage. i know the links must be thumbnail but i’ll arrive at that if aging suck.

http: //richardkentgates. com/examples/focus. php

and a little shot so that you can see what it should seem like.

My site requires cookies to be able to remember a visitor’s preferences. If a cereal bar called " bandwidth" isn’t detected the beautiful box appears at every page right up until the cookie is defined. The problem may be that Safari has up to now absolutely refused to line cookies via JavaScript contrary to Opera and Gecko primarily based browsers.

Dorky — using Firefox SEVERAL. 6. 9 – looks fine to me.
Anything for example I should be in search of

i have ff as well. i was trying to find some safari, ie7 or perhaps ie6 checks. thx to get checking it tho.

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