jQUERY animation.. make things float or fly!

Hi guys.. hope I get lots of likes for ours!!

Lately I been asked by a number of people on how MY PARTNER AND I make my aliens at my portfolio website move like that without flash it loads on pretty much any kind of computer/device.

http: //www. spritely. net

Theres where you are able to download the js files and just customize it towards your needs!! It is very difficult to mess around considering the settings so prepare yourself to spend a bit messing around for it!!

Hope you like and best of luck!

I’ll present you with a like for your. Not sure what We’d use it with regard to, but it looks interesting.
When HTML5 takes-hold, stuff will really have interesting.

Gives thanks! mix with a little bit jquery and you receive magic hehe

I give you a like also – this really is coming into elegance with me to give an example of what you can use with jQuery, patience, and imagination!

Gives thanks greatly appreciated

Hi, Eric. I’ve observed Spritely before. It’s a wonderful library. Gets the like from me personally.

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