jQuery not working

What exactly am I doing wrong
Gives thanks!
it is the big " sample" slider with http: //phpos. org/

OK must i call my JavaScript from the body after or leading to a Div in which it really is used Or am I purported to put it from the head
I do think that’s why my slider is not really working right.
But Thought about don’t know. You need to advise!
Or could it be a CSS difficulty

You should place the slider javascripting inside the < head> part of your script.
And you also are referencing this kind of file: jquery-1. SOME. 2. js

Although I can’t come across it.. did you distribute that file You’ll need that file.

Aha! WHEN I simply linked that to http: //ajax. ms. com/ajax/jQuery/jquery-1. 4. 3. min. js instead and from now on it works Many thanks!

Actually you place the jQuery in the long run of the body.

Hence like this

< script type=" text/javascript" src=" jquery. js" > < /script>
< script type=" text/javascript" >
$(document). ready(function()
//jQuery throughout here blah blah blah
< /script>

Thus, it loads the other site first, which makes it so that the consumer can see your website and interact by it, since jQuery isn’t generally the main point of as well as. And it may load faster with out it in the particular head.

Daylights, it works fine began seeing it is. Thanks with the advice, though. If it becomes problems (loading slow) I’ll move it.

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