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Now i’m having some difficulty seeking out for a guide on easy methods to install the Jquery tools tooltip with a wordpress site. I’ve truly tried the wordpress forums and yahoo and google but can’t any concrete guide.
Virtually any help or tips is greatly liked.

Try his or her forum. We’ve gotten the right help there just before.

http: //forum. jquery. com/

Thank you – will examine that out.

Seek out wordpress on this site. There’s tons associated with links relating to what you long for.

Thanks Wired — but as talked about in my orginal article, I tried wetpaint forums but simply just couldn’t find nearly anything concrete. As for the present time, I’m using the particular Tippy tooltips.

MY SPOUSE AND I didn’t say look for on wordpress, I said search on the link you given. Saw 8 internet pages of results final night.

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