k…soo….what now?

ive study multiple tutorials, content articles, and general insight on numerous message boards… but im even now stuck.
i have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS but theres a whole lot on this forum that next time i search for any kind of ‘help’ i still need help picking through what i needs to be reading. SO! my own issue, i possess adobe creative collection (CS5); illustrator, illustrator, flash, dreamweaver and also all that products i missed, where must i begin i’m staying flooded with info and i need some help sorting exactly what i should beging with and what i shouldn’t focus on, how i need to start… maybe now i’m over my go, or maybe i’m which makes it difficult for myself… insight please!

There’s a lot of specialization. What looking to do

What exactly Ron said. What is a person’s goal What looking to build As soon as you address that, then you can figure out what you require to build them.

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