Lag on website loading

My website is really a splash page (one solo page with items over lapping). Whenever you achieve my website for the good 2 seconds you can see the background format. Why is that as well as being there anyway to forestall this

Check it out:
internet. DaniellaKramer. com

You might be loading tons involving javascripting. That has to purchase the user’s cell phone.

Any solution to limit this

because I consider most fancy web 2. 0 flash web pages today have lots of javascript loading too. How do they counteract this will I make my own images smaller (although Absolutely , they are since low res as they definitely can get)

Your site is not really Flash (which is a superb thing).
But, to make them load faster, you might want to eliminate unnecessary javascripting.
Remove any on the subtle things which can be " eye candy", but you are willing to live without.

It’s just the purchase price you pay for ones " animated" internet site.
Does it add value to you personally, or your business I do not think it really should.

A person’s " Works" are what that content really is approximately.

Only for experimenting, keep the javascripting for many pages, except the primary page.
Discover what difference which makes.

Definitely not that anyone truly turns-off javascripting, but Used to do (just for your fun of it).
Your website is not accessible in any respect without javascripting. That’s not really a good thing.

Thanks for your advice, I’ll work on it

May possibly also be your internet hosting provider. I’ve seen this plenty lately on several really cheap hosting providers there’re really overloading the servers.

The jqvascripting issue is usually tested, by ensuring your browser, is focused to not check out newer versions connected with pages ( caching ), crystal clear your temp records, open the website, close the cell phone down, then reopen the website. The 2nd time period you open as well as, should be much faster as the files should certainly cached on your local machine.

If it isn’t really much faster, then it could be more of any hosting issue than the usual design issue.

Your Host BlueHost offers 2600 other sites within the same server, that may be possibly a trouble, but looking along at the site ( I favor it ), having chrome, there may be a built in instrument in chrome identified as " audit", where you’ll be able to load the page and get chrome make recommendations in making the site more rapidly…

open up in chrome, right click, select " inspect element"… when it is really open, you might find the " taxation tab"…

your website has tons involving network optimization possibilities…

put together your javascript(s), then add activity cahce control tags, or anything else…

wow this is an amazing application, thank you!
For many of their requests I will be baffled how to help fulfill them, or know which are the very best.

Such as, how can POST compress the websites using gzip WHEN I googled for a response but feel evern more confused. It looks like my google analytics is usually slowing things decrease. If I shrink my pages will it effect this analytics

In addition , it talks about CSS that’s not being employed… I’m not sure what precisely coding they usually are speaking of and also I don’t would like to accidentally delete content that is certainly valuable.

Any suggestions on steps I could begin to take
BTW the website DaniellaKramer. com is also linked to dkdesigngroup. online, does this changes lives

By linked don’t you mean pointer ( 2 domain names to the identical location )

That shouldn’t matter rather.

Gzip is definitely something most good hosting providers present on their consideration settings.

For the CSS, you need to use the same program " inspect elements", point at each a part of the page, any kind of CSS element, the unused attributes could have a line through them

Okay thanks a lot for your guide. I looked in to compressing my data but my host only provides a new PHP Configuration.

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