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We’ve a simple site to style wherein 3 traders who play basketball, have videos of the recent games to show family and friends. So far, I have been previously able to design coursesmart with password safeguarded files, and passwords given out to only those invited on the site. However, the following is where my brain dies… I’ve been asked to include a form therefore recruiter information will be collected when one reaches the site read one or all of the boys. The form and auto responder when using the password and login was not a problem, I set in which up OK. Now I’m asked to part ways the boys records for viewing by recruiters, and still collect the data for the employer. Do I have 3 separate kinds, one for every boy, or can SEVERAL redirects to THREE OR MORE separate autoresponders be incorporated into one form
Thanks for just about any help you offers….

I assume your websites are " something. php", instead of. html

You may create different codes that allow them to see whichever ones you choose.

http: //www. mysite. com/boys/c=d8R46u

Your code " d8R46u" would allow that check out view only the initial video.

You would create different codes for every combination of video lessons.
Next, in the true " index. php" script, anyone evaluate that value and only
enable those that fit the actual code.

With no seeing any present PHP scripting (if that’s what you used),
it is really hard to make clear. If you did not use PHP… you will be. It would make it easy.

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