Learning the art of "graphic design"

I consider myself for being more of a web site developer. I’m not very great by using colours and layouts. If given a new design I’m extremely proficient at turning it suitable css/html layout. Therefore the question is: how likely could it be that somebody by using little artistic aptitude be capable to pick up a few design essentials I’ll get get around in photoshop plus graphic programs I simply have trouble identifying ideas. Is there some sort of book or any resource you’ll recommend to assist over come this kind of obstacle

Thanks for virtually any input!

Welcome to our world.

Very few people (including myself) have become good at BOTH EQUALLY design and growth.
That is why I have the graphic designer that provides me the layouts, graphics, and PDF
rendering of the sites… and I do the very " coding"… making suitable XHTML/CSS site.

Whatever the designer wants your website to look similar to, I make it render a similar in all browsers.
WHEN I don’t do Illustrator, Flash, or Layouts… but I know the way they work. WHEN I leave the
artistic creativity into the artist that appreciates nothing about XHTML, CSS or PHP.

Thought about think it’s any " left-brain", " right-brain" conflict… you can’t be good at both
That’s my estimation anyways.

Collectively, It’s magic.

It is usually a technologist/designer schism.

Plus graphic art would not provide any interaction design savvy. If you had to approach the field, do it from your perspective of usability plus interaction design — not type mystery meat navigation looks better than another.

I’m currently studying website design. I’m not positive if this helps but teacher throughout my class suggested me to think about http: //www. lynda. com/

Hi deco,

I know the problem your own having. Getting the correct inspiration can become troublesome. I essentially bought a book called " The internet Designer’s Idea Book" by means of Patrick McNeil. WHEN I highly recommend this. It’s basically a massive book of screenshots plus color schemes. Its divided into sections based on element (i. at the header, footer, links, etc), color (blue, purple, green, etc), site type (e-commerce, glob, community forum, cms, etc) and also structure and theme.

If you’re able to get hold of your copy, its a fantastic source of enthusiasm. The ISBN is actually 978-1-60061-064-6. I would have thought you will get it on Amazon. WHEN I picked it upward from my nearby bookshop.

My family too, not good in graphics and i run out with ideas and concept that is why i never dream becoming a designer anymore… function, am i quit brain or proper brain heheh

More air . give up just as that.

Examine other designs. Examine art on deviantart. com. Receive inspired by experiencing good elements through other artists plus designers.

Finally, with all that exposure to fine art, you’ll put bits and pieces with what you experienced together in your way.

Many people are an artist. You only have to be able to take it released.

I’ve been working around for about TWELVE years now… and I’ve never met another patient who is good considering the 3 major concerns of website design:

A SINGLE. UI Layout (HTML) & Programming

3. Creative Design and also Interactive Media

3 OR MORE. Usability, Information Architecture, and Content Writing

Important these concerns tend to be grouped into 3 categories is the fact that there are different mindsets for each: The, The, and the.

Couple of people can grasp all three, even over the lifetime. Even with 12 years of experience, I don’t look at myself a master coming from all three, though POST consider myself any top-tier programmer & designer, and a mid-level facts architect.

I do think you should determine what your mindset is actually best-suited for, and pursue a career that could exploit your skills towards maximum.

Identical, I’m good considering the programming but not the theory work!
All because of how our brains perform, not sure simply how much is true but isn’t everthing suppose to be related to being left or right the greater prominent side in the brain

Including people have explained, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who is able to do both. I will knock up a design no problem, whether it’s the proper job or not can be a different matter.
I suppose although it is nice to do everything, it will help promote teamwork, just from working with the company I perform, I’m one of the best with php / jquery, we’ve found another guy who is awesome html / css and we have got the graphics design, makes for any pretty well curved team!

Hi guys,

Hi…. guys… I m crazy about website design & want to master so finding a number of better knowledge, & this reveals all of r ideas sounds good so i’ll test from ur link.



Thanks with the book recommendation, got the tips book and its great! Lots of contemplation, the new one is being released within January – are going to be interesting to evaluate, Rhys

i’d personally also recommend searching and really while using the webs resources.. like others said very few can do everything involved in web design but it surely helps to know at least one very good along with the basics in people.. i would consider big blogging internet sites like smashing mag or even noupe.. they will often have alot of articles to keep you well circular!

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