Learning Web Design. Need guidance on where to start.

Hi Everyone,

I have been designing the leading end of internet websites for over 4 years and today I am seeking to learn Web Pattern. So far I have been taking lynda. com tuts for some time now. Currently, My business is pretty comfortable along with coding simple static internet sites with html and css, for the two type and structure. What should WE learn next to buy more dynamic websites

Thanks beforehand

PHP, MySQL, AJAX, javascripting

You’ll find free PHP tutorials online, or have a class somewhere.

The entire above, but depending with your goals make sure you want to examine asp. net

A lot of large business purposes windows servers, so as a minimum knowing some basic asp. net are going to be helpful. If you’re considering freelancing, maybe not so necessary. But the harder you know… The harder chances and could open more entrances

Webzarus, seems like the autocomplete at whatever mobile device you’re using kicked the sofa… lol

To keep would venture into JS then jQuery next, in that case the server-side. That is certainly just me, though.

Holy garbage… IPhone spell check will need to have been on " ridiculous mode", didn’t sometimes notice.

Jeez… I guess that’s what I get for trying to answer questions though rebuilding servers.

Thanks for anyone your input. Significantly Appreciated! I will surely look into learning the situations you have shown.

I’d recommend finding out Ruby on Train track over php if you’re thinking of getting into dynamic website development. And as Ronald Roe stated, js and jquery. Might be some Ajax, very.

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