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Hello Everyone,

I’m tendering for your web site for your residents committee of an apartement building (40 apartements) plus the general idea could be that the site’s Home page can be the ‘Set when My Home Page’ selection for residents via the typical IE javascript regarding doing that. (Is there signal for Apple users to do the same, by the by)

Consequently the page will consist of an RSS news flash feed, news concerning the building, a increasing number of Quick Backlinks (local Phone provider, Cable supplier and so on. ) and an internet search engine box – to put it differently a portal in order to wherever they want to get at – all that may be in hand.

We’ve however come over sites (e. f. http: //auction. start4all. com/ ) the location where the visitor can create a directory of their own personal favourite internet sites that then appear, and remain, while in the page when it can be reloaded.

Via a pop-up the visitor can key in the name in their favourite links, plus those sites http handles, and the link(s) then appear within the designated area on the page. I think this would be a great addition on the site as it’d really personalise the page per resident of the building so that it is more likely construct y would set the idea as their Blog..

Our question then is definitely: " How Do They That"

Presumably cookies may take place and is it something a humble HTML designer such as myself can duplicate

Does it lay on the site’s key server or elsewhere The Start4All web sites feature one-off pages for a lot of niche sites and, having visited some for various some other topics, I note my ‘Favourites’ come up the same regardless of which site MY PARTNER AND I visit.

Every pointers greatly liked.

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