Licensing Question

This is a weird question:

http: //www. fontshop. com/licenses/linotype/bernhard_modern_std_bold/

I can’t tell whether discomfort the font can or can’t be used on a web page as a great embedded font. The best way that reads, MY PARTNER AND I can’t tell in the event that " modify" refers to consumer modification (which for any site I want to use it on can’t be done) or world wide web developer modification (which means it usually is done, because that’s what I’m endeavoring to do).

Almost any thoughts

Holy cow. The best way would they actually enforce that TEN, 000 word license agreement
Use their fonts with your site. How will they realize that the fonts were there

That’s how I’m contemplating it. I got the font legitimate, I’m using that legit. Font Squirrel was okay about it, too.

Besides, almost no one might see this internet site. It’s a website that targets that booming metropolis connected with Guelph, Ontario. MY PARTNER AND I kid you possibly not, they used to obtain a law that stated that you simply couldn’t take some sort of leak there (not sure should they still do).

It looks in my experience like they are usually covering their butts to shield themselves from the original authors
and creators with the fonts themselves. This would be similar to a web site that sells copyrighted
metal sheet music. They would have any recordings agreement with the owners in the sheet music,
that the TOS (terms connected with service) page often be shown, and an area of the sales look at the owners.

They realize that people will down load the content and utilize it, perhaps many instances, and even
text it, and ultimately… distribute it… for point, in my opinion crosses the range.

I would assume the agreement would have been a simple and straightforward TOS, like…
Purchase this kind of, make a risk-free personal copy, apply it as you would like, do not send to others.

In my experience, that is affordable and fair, to the author and the consumer.

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