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simply bought a structure from templatemonster and can not learn how to link to anything to the page. The template can be a JS animated design and style and was developed all on 1 page and uses anchor tags – which must be very simple suitable Cant get any in the main pages to help link. I have tried and tried for getting their tech help to answer my questions but the keep sending us tutorials on the way to create < a new href> links……. urggghhhh. WHEN I absolutely hate replicated and pasted responses..
here’s the site:
http: //www. coreypatt. com/Website-new/site/index. html#
examine the about site – the links cannot work…. either can the " study more" links for the main images.
I do think its something uncomplicated Im overlooking as well as its a JS challenge……
Any suggestions can be most appreciated….. gives thanks!!!

You’re getting generic answers because that is certainly all someone like that can provide you with in a situation like this. You’re not seriously asking the issue clearly. So section of that is on you.

Section of that is with them, too, because looking at the site value would quickly solve this. I’m assuming that what you really want is the subpages to indicate up as individual pages. I have no idea of why you really want everything on a single page… that’s bad design on a number of levels (bloated web site sizes, confusing for you to users, bad from pc hardware training engine point of view. etc. )

You basically might like to do something like the following:

< li> < a new href=" about-us. html" > About< /a> < /li>

And in that case create an about-us. html document page to residence that content. Do as needed.

Anyway, this is why should you be careful as soon as buying templates (I in person don’t recommend them). Customization of templates is difficult minus at least an intermediate perception of HTML.

The links improve me (Firefox).
Many people open-up with pop-up packing containers, that you can’t ‘X’ out of (by the way).
Maybe they don’t meet your needs exactly because of handicapped pop-ups

With luck, everything is very hard to read, and also navigation is strange.
Weird contrasts between backdrops and text colors.

Probably the most important thing, beyond your website design, is the words.
Are there a database this stays current Or have you been pulling the item listings from
somewhere else If you are manually editing the site every time a house sells
or comes onto market trends… that’s not good. You should use a database that
you are able to manage from any computer, and also manage from your mobile phone/device.
Your internet site would then be displaying everything from the database, and also users would see
changes instantly.

If it is for a business which is important to anyone, I suggest you hire a freelance programmer…
someone who is able to build a data source, and make your internet site useable for desktop/laptop/mobile.
I suspect you’d probably want customers to use your site to get locations while they
are visiting different places within the city.


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