Link classes?

I think I need to use classes but I’m confused. Please help me with this:
upon http: //shovehost. net/ I’ve CSS for this nav menu. On the other hand, the a capabilities also do different stuff. So as you can see the you slider slide that is the link if a person click the image it’s just black. Plus the bottom navigational backlinks go all funny when i turn them in links…
So learn how to make so SOLELY THE < a href blah blah < /a> stuff inside naviational menu may that
Because I usually do not want every link on the site to have the black background close to it!
With thanks…

should alter the. nav class to a #nav div

——— adjust css to ———————–

#nav ul list-style-type: none; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%;
#nav li show: inline; float: kept;
#nav a present: block; width: 166. 67px; padding: 3px 0;
#nav a: link, a: visited color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #282828; show: block; text-align: heart; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 0. 9em; text-decoration: none;
#nav a: float, a: active background-color: #7A991A; 

———– adjust html to ————-

< div id=" nav" >

This have to segregate the website attributes to just the nav, and never be inherited by all < a href> tags within the page

Actually George helped me with this he got me a good solution. Put now I’ve got another trouble that he can’t discover.
Look end of it of:
http: //shovehost. net/
There are meant to be4 links:
Build a forum
Terms of service
Send email…
but, they do its not all show! However, where they are meant to be you click they seem to work ok!

and in IE they all show but your placing is messed in place!

Edit: I’ve made one or two changes, now all works perfectly in IE yet messed upwards in FF8 and Chrome still

they look in all our browsers

but in case you did something very much alike what I submitted… you’ll need to help redefine your a new link classes

if it is a standard footer…

I’d build a #footer

the define many of the links in your footer as lessons

the HOME isn’t supposed to be like that And neither could be the slider I preset the blackness issues some versions ago!

A person’s text for Property is white, just explicitly fixed a tags to blue and yes it should show. You should be using unordered directories to lay them out anyway.

Thn again I do not have IE8 to test out with

But why is the fact one formatted much like the ones on top women and men other ones are not Did I neglect a < /div> on internet land

Perhaps it can be your visited article. So your saw page font is automatically set for you to white. Try transforming other links that will index. php

good plan. i will try out that

You got it, that is indeed the condition!

thanks a lot so much Ganners

No issue! Glad to help.

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