Linking a site to an image

First well then , i’ll show you what is wrong. Look the woman’s Monroenightlife. com to check out that the photographs after being relevant are moving my personal boxes around interior my table. it only messes ” up ” in firefox

We have designed my internet site MonroeNightlife. com with all the table method. it really is wrong, i learn. But it must work for at this point.

When i link a site to my image using this code

< any href=".. /underconstruction/underconstruction. html" > < img src=" images/newpage_07. jpg" width=" 162" height=" 107" alt=" " > < /a>

My boxes interior my table get all from line and a number of have colors all over them. This should be in firefox so it messes up.

What do i do to correct this. Here will be my site for MonroeNightlife. com look at it and examine if it’s messed up inside your firefox browser. What can one do about this particular.

Thanks earlier for the guide

I didn’t see a CSS file on your site but it is possible to place border=" none" once your alt tag. This will eradicate the blue line around your relevant images. This requires to do it for every image though.

Ultimately, you would want to create a CSS concept that would look after all of your images that are linked.

any img border: it’s unlikely that any;

Redefyned is definitely have the point, can you share some strategies for me dude

Maybe try making use of div tags instead of tables.

Rotating you can just do along with javascript, but if you’re looking to can fading, you’re gonna have to apply Flash.

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