Looking for a world political vector map

The title more or less says it most.

I’m searching for a political globe map with vectors used for your countries. Ideally, the map will be unlabelled.

Anyone know of worth keeping Paying for it shouldn’t get a problem

Greetings Game,

There is apparently one in various formats at http: //www. vectorworldmap. com/
You may left click the format you want and click help you save as.

For some reason the AI archive saved as " AI. ps" while i downloaded it… you may have to rename the file and rub out the ". ps" as well as voila! EPS should work fine though.

The labels are on you, though.


That is cool.

I long been finding one during vectortemplates. com that’ll do what I’d like about 10 seconds after I placed this. Tip has been appreciated, though.

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