Looking for Education Website Project Developer


I’m Assistant Mentor with very big project at your fingertips to undertake the whole dev.
I need how to serve as a good educational tool regarding students learning concerning Crystallography (the branch connected with science that research the formation plus structure of crystals, looks at the generation with images portraying how atomic arrangements inside a material. ) in addition to being a database resource if anyone is seeking information related to specific crystal buildings.
I do not think I’ll have enough time to complete all tasks of them myself. Thought about post details on these website
getafrelancer. com, community. com, elanc. com, freelanceidol. com
(someone especially recommended me the third one, if I don’t want ‘bidding’ strategies to the lowest good quality and I trust that. )

I’d basically choose to talk to everyone with web designer skills or whatever value you’re feeling can bring to your collaboration.
If you would like becoming involved with this particular project, Please make contact!

Look at Moodle and other LMS solutions.

You might be wise to explain what you deserve from this " program. " What are you interested in to accomplish

It is a wonder to us how people might want tools but don’t have a focussed purpose. You would like a student to graduate a course, which means looking for points of malfunction, a common list of misunderstandings and intellectual errors, and putting something while in the " tool" with all the express intent to cut back failure rate.

And for that examine test with consumers. Not do anything at all because we’ve just have to do something!!

It’s your decision a wiki with this — of which there are several already. No need to reinvent the steering wheel. This is definitely not the era of if we didn’t build it, aging exist.

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