Looking for feedback to affiliate program for designers

Howdy there!

Our company is wanting to start a creator affiliate program, and Id like and therefore get some advice directly from an individual, the designers, on what you see this initiative.

Our company offers ebusiness services for example websites, SEO internet marketing, online lead era, online newsletters, etc to small establishments. Wed like to work with you to give our products for a clients through the following designer affiliate application. Understandably, you probably are not interested in supplying our website solutions; however, the other products for example online newsletters and online lead generation might be useful products for you to arent doing but can potentially offer to a person’s clients. We have very qualified experts in those areas who know very well what they are executing, so we may fulfill the gaps between you plus your clients.

Would you would like joining a application like this

If we ended up to present incentives for example wholesale prices and free hosting space within the program for a membership fee with $50/year, would it capture the fancy of you What if we have an affiliate setup fee constantly in place, and refunded backside that fee upon the primary sale

Because mentioned, were evaluating doing wholesale prices. Does it make sense that you should use our brand or would you prefer to up-sell to your clients under an individual label What other incentives on earth do you think we provide that would become helpful What will be important factors that you should consider joining this type of program

Any feedback you might have will be treasured. Thanks in progress!

i heared through friends that you will discover lot of online affiliate products, that would help you. Why don’t you look for one on Yahoo and google

We’re not hoping to obtain an online marketer program yet at this time.
The affiliate plan I mentioned had been more for designers to make use of our products therefore to their clients. Sure you need to make money off online affiliate products, but isn’t it equally if not more important and therefore satisfy clients’ needs if it is possible to do so

By way of example, you’ve just completed an online site for a consumer. That client would like to send out monthly newsletters with their customer base, but you might not have expertise or even the capacity to deliver that service to get them. That’s where we’d have the ability to help fill in the gap. Under some of our brand, or your own private label, you can offer the online newsletters for a clients without moving out, learning the specialised parts, and building the system from scratch only that one customer.

Through joining this custom made affiliate program, you can get discounted general pricing, free internet hosting, and option that will private label (you can easily mark up the retail price to your unique clients).

So my main concern is, will designers such as yourself would like joining this type of program Would you would like working with a great external entity who will let you expand your supplement offerings to consumers.

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