Looking for web editor to use on Linux

Searching for a web editor that could directly save data on my web page. Would prefer the item save to my computer at the same time but really need it to save to my host.

What can you recommend

Quanta Plus is the only one I have ever used myself, a couple of years ago. It did have an FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL capability, but I’m unclear if the present version does.

SeaMonkey also offers an embedded FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL for publishing directly on the program, but it has an lot if additional stuff (browser, e-mail as well as newsgroup client, IRC chew the fat client).

Filezilla carries a Linux version, if you want to have a individual FTP client.

I would recommend Bluefish for edited the particular files, then FileZilla to get uploading. Both free.

Filezilla intended for FTP, and WE bounce between Aptana in addition to MS WebMatrix.

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