Looking to code a table body into another table

I can’t consider how to say it better than the title. I’m looking to get the body of my website and also put it in to a table so I will center it and allow it to become look better compared to what it looks. I’ve found a pair of sections to my personal body:

< entire body lang=EN-US style='text-justify-trim: punctuation' bgcolor=" 666666" >
< desk width=" 913" border=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" align= bgcolor=" FFFFFF" > < td valign=" top" >
< tr>
< desk width=" 860" border=" 1" cellspacing=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" align=left bgcolor=" FFFFFF" >
< tr>
< td valign=" top" bgcolor=" #F0F0F0" style=" padding-left: 20px; padding-right: 20px" >

Now I require that into...

< /tr>
< tr>
< td> & nbsp; < /td>
< td>


< tr>
< /td> 

Every time I try to accomplish this it turns up all sloppy with my website…

Suggestions the preview internet page for my web page:

http: //almarsguides. com/eq/previewalmar

If you could possibly possible help me figure out how to fit the body into the center of the upper dining room table I’d love people forever.

I in addition have this code that is definitely lingering around my body… Dunno what its for though, We can delete it and also nothing happens:

< p class=MsoNormal style='margin-top: 0pt; margin-right: 0in; margin-bottom: A FEW. 0pt;
margin-left0in; text-autospace: none'> < cover align=" center" style='font-size: EIGHT. 0pt; font-family:

The first issues is there isn’t a < td> " cell" on the row you’re inserting the second table into.

Ought to be < table> < tr> < td>

Second table code

< \td> < \tr> < \table>

The next issue, yeah it is possible to delete. That appears like code I observe when someone copy paste out of MS word.

BTW… this is done faster and easier and with a smaller amount confusion using CSS Besides tables.

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