Looks right on my computer, but not on others

I’m having trouble by using everything going everywhere on other personal computers. On my computer system everything looks excellent, but when it pertains to others its most of off. Can somone help me out! StocksAndStocks. com

Do you add that style part yourself
I’m preaching about the part demonstrated below…

That’s what the situation is. You work with absolute positioning, but every one of us use
different size monitors, what exactly I see in the event different than everyone.
Delete each of the CSS style stuff that may be not part of one’s WP theme.
Each of the layout things should be done within ones theme CSS.

< form type=" text/css" >
<! --
job: absolute;
width: 144px;
length: 298px;
z-index: 1;
left: 2px;
best: 109px;

job: absolute;
width: 307px;
length: 72px;
z-index: 2;
left: 639px;
best: 25px;

job: absolute;
width: 145px;
length: 44px;
z-index: A FEW;
left: 2px;
best: 2px;
font-size: 14px;
text-align: centre;

. monthlytotal
color: #0F0;
font-weight: bold;

position: absolute;
width: 108px;
length: 99px;
z-index: FIVE;
left: 10px;
best: 389px;

job: absolute;
width: 113px;
length: 34px;
z-index: FIVE;
left: 982px;
best: 105px;

background-image: url(bgwithpicture. jpg);

< /style>

And I should mention i can hardly read the little font and colors
involving fonts and background. Difficult color system and tiny fonts.
Possibly you have to address which issue also.

Doesn’t look quite professional when a lot of spelling errors such as this:
Take manipulate and sing up TODAY!!

3. Next all thats still left is trading.

NEVER hold into earnigns with regard to positioned

I lost count before long…
Use your spell checker and have someone proof-read it in your case.


I added the design sheet in Aspiration weaver. I made use of my old WP design and inserted that into my goal weaver. The reason Used to do this was Pondered no way with adding my signal in capabilities with regard to members. That is a only reason POST purchased DM and also edited it by there. I’ve got this background image i wanted to make with the top rated layers. That is a only reason for any ‘absolute’ positioning.

-I’ve been advised that before concerning the font size and colors. Let me make that alter.

-I desire dream weaver experienced spell check! I haven’t tell you it yet because I’m just considering getting an idea connected with what I need to be known.

I really do appreciate that input and aid on everything even though. Web design is not really my thing. When you are interested I might set you up which has a free sign set for our service for all you help!

Dreamweaver may be the wrong tool with regard to editing WordPress web pages.
You really have to edit everything personally. Most of you use Notepad++
when our text publisher. It’s free plus it has great code highlighting.

However, you’re in any mode of " novice", just like you indicated.

WordPress is usually a PHP/MySQL script, consequently all pages tend to be displayed using templates.
They may not be " static" CODE pages, like you would utilize with Dreamweaver.

There’s no doubt that the key for a problem is to choose a different Live journal theme.
A theme that has three columns. Next, you can add the members sign-in
while in the left column.

The beauty connected with using WordPress is that you can switch themes plus the content
is always untouched. As by using any theme, you must customize it by using your
very own banner, graphics as well as other features.

In case your site is " pertaining to profit" and you have some sort of business budget, you ought to hire
a freelance programmer to help you get you back to the proper Squidoo system.
Sorry you’d to buy Dreamweaver… you should utilize it to read nore about HTML and CSS,
but keep it faraway from PHP scripts just like WordPress. You’ll have outright headaches.

Plus, I also suggest that you find a good, free WP theme that has a conservative
shade scheme. Something more " business-like". SOME SORT OF fluid width template that resizes
gracefully for various browser/monitor sizing’s. And 3-columns for the new features.


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