Making an image resize to fit any monitor.

Greetings, I have a great image on the website i want it so it resizes to any kind of monitor. It does to get it’s width but i want it to regarding it’s height also. Here’s my internet site www. creationindex. com. The image is logospining. gif. It’s one which starts in the center and spins for you. I’m not done with the image i just need to know how to acquire it to resize to be able to any monitor. The image is 1950×1200. You can receive the idea with what i’ve on there. Many thanks.

I’m watching with IE8.
To my advice it looks such as height to bigger proportions are proper as I resize my browser.

Does not load on a good iPhone… Header will be ok

Greetings, i think i want to use jquery that will put all the images together so they all scale with each other. That what i’ve understood from posting at other forums. I’m new in order to jquery so i don’t have learned to use it. If anyone could help that will be cool.

I’m for a 1920×1080 monitor also it stretches the width the right way. Now, I would like to suggest something to you personally and please don’t be offended. It’s clear are really a beginner with what’s either HTML5 or perhaps Photoshop animation. MY SPOUSE AND I don’t even are eligible as that. With in saying that though, you might need to find out if there’s ways of adjust the framerate for the animation takes on. When I saw it, I thought We were looking at a new choppy 12 FPS (frames per second) timeline based Flash animation. Upon right clicking on the image though, I was aware that this is not Flash. I noticed the source code of one’s site, and to receive an image to help display the height on the monitor, you must insert this signal where appropriate. Here’s an example:

#images img
width: 100%;
levels: 100%;

Another note here is that your logo employs rich, saturated radiant colors. From my very own experience and testimony via others, this is really a sure way in order to force people to leave a website. To take this animation in the current state it really is in and use it to the whole of someone’s check might invite ridicule. What does many this mean It way to keep your animation images at reasonable width and peak dimensions. And if I’m right concerning this being a Photoshop animation, don’t use it, use Flash in addition to Actionscript because that’s what they’re just for. If you will need more help, i want to know.

it’s coreldraw. i’m trying to receive the the animation to start in the center of the screen which it lets you do in the archive. well, i imagine it’s fine. I love vibrant colors. MY SPOUSE AND I haven’t tried adobe flash yet. it’s not likely to look like an established video game.

Then I would do more research to examine if coreldraw uses any kind of coding language that enables you more handle over what your current animation does, when and also it.

all the best . with that

manged to get it fixed.

Would you explain what you did to resolve your issue It’ll benefit others in the forums. Thankyou

MY SPOUSE AND I put a style=" levels: 100%" in each one of my images inside html. I took out all the height’s in the actual css. What used to do was i fit an invisible rectangle in every my images plus the browser scaled them down. It seemed whenever i put height from the css it manufactured my images disorderly when resizing that browser. Probably the invisible rectangular shape in my graphics wasn’t the preferred strategy to solve it but it really worked.

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