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I’ve thoughts about starting up an internet organization. I would like to create a account site around our interest. The problem is the fact that i’m not delicious at the complex parts and wondering what amount time it requires to understand the programming languages to setup an online site where I can accept monthly bills for members. The content is no issue, but I don’t really know the place to start. I would like to create something similar to brainvale. com, sixpackshortcuts. com or perhaps universityofmakeup. com. But I might not want once payment, a month-to-month subscription.

Could anyone provide some advice how I could start or does it cost much to lease a professional programmer to setup a website similar to these kind of membership sites above

Take care, May Reich

These are three means different sites (content-wise). brainvale and Universityofmakup
are usually done using Blogger as their composition.

This brainvale site will be all WordPress, which might become a good way for you to go.
The membership and payment per month part would be a WP plugin. This cost
is based on on whether you use a free style template, a obtained template,
or perhaps a custom developed template. I would think $500-1000 in the event you provided all connected with the
necessary graphics. It’s very difficult to say without seeing the whole list of specs.

But after you ask around, utilize brainvale as the example, mention it really is all WordPress.

Okey. I will take a closer evaluate this wordpress system, like I said. I have very little programming experience, but im prepared to learn. The biggest problem would be to setup a account system, not to get content but thanks to the answer. I will ever try to learn this kind of wordpress system.

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