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I will be new to website design.. I have created an affiliate site in dreamweaver applying css and code. I know nothing at all about php or anything else. With my site I will be planning on selling services that can include levels of membership on the day, week, thirty days and year.

I want my site as a membership site when users can join and can purchase the support.

I have happen to be researching membership web-site softwares but a lot of them cant be incorporated with my pre-existing website, where I can have a login kind right on our webpage, I need to just put some sort of link directing them on the membership site internet page. What I indicate is, I have my site installed and operating. Now I wish to add the membership rights side, They cant you have to be added to the site, I ahve to work with their templates or anything else which my could my site seem funky.

almost any help

a little late amongst gamers to build your backbone. if this is the membership based internet site, it should have been the vital thing you set out to do. even if you have this done, you can find yourself having that will redo things for the next year. considering that site is so new i’d personally begin building the latest platform on along side it then just replace what you have when it’s accomplished. once it’s mentioned and done most effective for you well worth the idea. by the by, don’t pay except someone is assisting you. there are lots of free platforms available it’s ridiculous.

I might need to agree with Dorky,

There are many different CMS that could handle this for you, might need a few plugins, or merely look thru hotscripts, along with see what that they got.

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