Menus display fine in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer – help please?

Hello all,

I’m an overall total amateur at this and would really appreciate some assist.
I’m attempting to customize a template i downloaded and have come across a problem.
The menus for the top of that page work very good in Firefox nevertheless in Internet Explorer, they may be cut in one half!
Heres the site I’m working in…. www. sledworks. net
Its not as a result of my modifications or maybe the snow impact or anything….. the same problem was there when ?t had been a virgin format!

Any help is appreciated as Make don’t understand how to fix this. We’ve Dreamweaver and here’s getting more knowledgeable about it as POST go along.

Thanks a ton!

I suspect that since there are a separate style linen fir IE6, IE7 and everything else… You’re seeing what you’re seeing within ie8 or ie9……

Possibilities look fine around ie7

If ie8 just isn’t called out specifically in the conditional statements… It should load the common sytlesheet…

Create another conditional declaration for ie8… Plus load the ie7 stylesheet…

See what goes on.

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