Messed up footer

The key reason why is my footer messed up
http: //shovehost. com/index. php
On some of the pages ( http: //shovehost. com/domains. php for example) it is fine but on some it really is messed up. Just how would I resolve tit
Many thanks!

Try putting a " clear" div among the " indexthings" divs and also the footer div for you to push the footer affordable.

< div class=" indexthings" >
< h3> text< /h3>
< p> a lot more text< /p>
< /div> <! — conclude indexthings –>

< div class=" clear" > < /div>

< div id=" footer" >
< ul>
< li> text< /li>
< li> text< /li>
for example…

. distinct clear: both;

Thank you, I will test that. However my website is currently down for propogation soon after an IP change because of installing SSL.

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