Moving Existing Site Galleries To LightBox2

Hello all,

After i built my internet site, I used the handy tool " World wide web Album Generator COUPLE OF. 0". I liked the utility because it created an concept album, incorporated a filmstrip while displaying a complete size image, and allowed me to look back home.

Over the earlier couple years the site has become out of date information wise, We’ve felt that your photo albums tend to be too basic to get my taste, and will not flow well with my site. I’ve grown partial to the LightBox2 style and wish to merge my albums in order to it.

Unfortunately I’m having a difficult time visualizing how We would accomplish this having my existing internet site, code wise.

My goal is kid click a standard text link on the website resulting in your LightBox activation. That link would have been a full gallery involving photos. This allows users to keep on the page but view photos relating to it, per a regular link.

The kicker could be that the site has something like 3000 images. I’m not in opposition to recreating folders and doing each of the original work once again. I’m fine with beginning scratch.

Thank ahead for help plus suggestions.

P. VERTISEMENTS. When I established this account some years ago, I mistyped our s/n when becoming a member of. I’d like to get that corrected, who ought to be a PM.

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