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I currently have a very hosting package together with Ipowerweb and I’m using just a small percentage on the bandwidth and storage space. I’d like to get started on another site with a different domain name and not having to order another web hosting service package.

I’ve heard you can register multiple domains and have them point that will specific files, but when you click on your link, the website will revert. Here’s an example of what I suggest:

The hosting package is from the domain www. mysite. com. Another domain name known as www. anothersite. com points into a www. mysite. com/anothersite. In the event you navigate to online world. anothersite. com and navigate into a subsection it will look as www. mysite. com/anothersite/subsection.

Is there the easiest way around this to enable you to have basically several sites sharing the identical web package

Thank you!

It’s a DNS issue. You will discover hosts that possess multiple domain web hosting. www. hostingmatters. com in addition to www. hostony. com is a couple.

You basically will need a host that helps you put multiple websites in your same hosting arrangement.

You will discover loads out there that do that. I can help you out if you want.

Ipower requires a new $40 fee to possess a subdirectory of a second domain label. Does this payment seem reasonable

Thank you for your support.

No it does not over time, because before long you’ll want another, and subsequently another etc.

Get yourself a hosting account that enables multiple domains with out you paying more.

For example for 90 you can find yourself a strategy that hosts EIGHT domains. There are lots of other hosts in existence also offering multi domain plans.

Yes, I’ve got hostingmatters. com, $11 USD / month for 7 domains I believe.

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