My design work comment

Expensive Sir,

I am working a website
Alter: link drop taken away. AlphaMare

& that such promotional video
Alter: link drop taken away. AlphaMare

Please give me several comment, thanks.


Move this towards Ratings and Testimonials forum, or I’ll.

Okay, Jessica… unless you answer this question which has a legitimate answer inside the next 24 time, I’m going to ban you merely because it’s obvious that you are here to inflate post counts.

You must take ? that what Jordan did is fine

" You can never trust a woman with 2 1st names".
I believe this saying links with this situation

good… is it my own posting problem or I desire to make a new posting at " Comparisons and Reviews"

Start, if you will not mind, by reading the rules. Then post that junk in the right forum.

I understand I shouldn’t like this… but that’s just too damned hilarious.

Post that website itself presently there, yes. The online video media… if you’re not linking for the video on your blog post, then do thus.

Hey, George : ever wonder just what the M. ANY. in my sig represents Check it today…

Michael – it’s important that you examine the rules, as well as that you recognize that we do not really allow self-promotional website link drops here.

Most are NOFOLLOW forums, so is won’t do you any good at any rate, and it only annoys us.

If you want your site looked at, post on Scores and Reviews. If you’re just trying to get some free marketing and advertising, or backlinks, or maybe something, you’re here for any wrong reason.

I am a community connected with greatly varied encounter and skills, but the thing we have in common is we are here to educate yourself, and to guide others. If which is not your motive, you are inside the wrong place. In the event that is your motive, then I would suggest you read some of the forums to greater understand them and how they function, before posting.

Nah, that doesn’t count because you have a third name, and it is just a surname. (Does anyone utilize the word surname)

I am Canadian, I use it at all times, as in " What’s your surname, eh".

Which is the stereotype, eh I realized it back when i lived in your republic of Georgia, haven’t heard it considering that.

Well, then, it’s aboot occasion you heard that again, eh


Buncha hosers. Surge in value, you knobs.

That certain, I don’t know.

http: //www. imdb. com/title/tt0086373/ < — watch it sometime. Good movie.

I’ll keep it in your mind

Bob in addition to Doug


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