My Site looks REALLY different in IE to firefox.

Hello there. I was hoping someone could possibly help with a dilemma i’m having.
I’m aware you will find differences between how IE and FF display webpages but the very few pages I’ve made differ vastly! I’m by far from experienced in web design but I’ve made a few sites recently and never had such results. I’m building a website for my own girlfriends art (which is definitely what i’m focusing on but haven’t obtained it hosted yet) that, when loaded within IE, displays every one of the text to the particular left and completely ignores the type of my div keepers. The same provides happened with a different website I knocked up quickly, its table based compared with divs but it suffers a similar problem as the site i created with regard to my girlfriend.

An example of this issue is here (in internet explorer) but its more painful when i make an effort to view the site i’ve made for my GFs art work (which i utilised div tags and also have put more work into coding, cdl. co. uk is rather naff i admit)

Might anyone help

Cheers in advance!

Well, at least anyone admitted your program code is faulty (assuming my idea British slang is actually correct). That’s the best thing on your section. Most people under no circumstances acknowledge that getting their code of which screws up another thing or the various other. Keep that good sense of humility. It is going to serve you properly. Big up for that.

It’s not necessary to even need to make use of tables for the following. You can accomplish everything you want with just just one div, two headers, along with two anchors.

margin-top: 50px /* or perhaps whatever distance you choose your background on the top of your page */
margin-left: vehicle; /* left and right auto margins could center your div, provided you specify a width */
margin-right: vehicle;
padding-top: 20px; /* or whatever distance you choose your first header on the top of your page */
thicker: 750px;
height: 478px; /* as well as 498px - your own top padding */
text-align: center;

That should ensure you get started. I’ll leave it for you to play with the rest so i end up facilitating you help by yourself.


Thanks a lot. I created cdl before long to get them up online for a few friends to join after which it my laptop out of cash so i couldn’t repair it. Ive just got an innovative shiny lap major this week plus just realised with regards to 15 mins in the past the doctype appeared to be all wrong plus the code in typical was total stool! (i’m quite self-conscious! ) Its fixed the matter but i’m likely to start again with the code you pretty helpfully provided over. The doc type issue worked for both my gfs skill side (divs) and then for cdl.

Thanks veyr much!

Whoa, I missed which completely.

You’ve got actually got this doctype tag alone correct… it’s just inside the wrong position and you have an extra travel tag.

IT need to be fixed now!

Form of. There’s a very good line between doing work and fixed.

hhaha. Ouch! MY PARTNER AND I admit, its a pretty bad web-site! In my defense Thought about to get that up quickly in addition to hadn’t done just about any html since i had been at college… 11 rice.. it atleast why don’t we my colleagues have fun with their beloved star death ladder!

oh, and thanks btw, valued.

No probs, dude. It’s what we’re speculated to do in discussion boards… help each some other. Or so I keep reading the Intarwebs a place.

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