My site won’t work in IE

I just now launched my primary website this weeks time, only to discover it doesn’t display properly inside Internet Explorer SOME. 0 and IN SEARCH OF. 0. The web page is www. catherinelanigan. com. Quite simply, the left sidebar appears beyond place, as really does the spry menu bar. The web page looks fine throughout Safari, Chrome and Firefox, so I’m for a loss as to what the issue could be. Has anyone had this issue Is there a little something I’m missing Any help is treasured.

IE 6 should display slightly different, but since anyone say both HUNTING FOR and 6 We’d tend to assume it’s part to do with the CSS code that is definitely specific to people browsers. ( there is a single statement for ie6 and ON THE LOOKOUT FOR )

Never quite viewed it done that way (in the CSS file), I always utilize conditional statements which are loaded in the head from the document ( following a CSS is packed ), to let the browser find out which statements to be able to process.

Thanks in your reply. I see when I made this single statement (for IE SOME and 9) inside CSS file, but that statement was only for the gradient feature from the heading bars. I’m having difficulty with the placement associated with elements. For case, the " leftsidebar" appears within the right when seen in IE (wrong) and on the left, where it should be, when viewed inside other browsers.

The sidebar also appears within the right when I evaluate it in IE7, plus the main content is shoved down below it. This could be something to do with the way IE states the box product, or it could be from something else.
I notice there is a fair bit associated with styling stil in your HTML code – maybe if you got it all outside there and into your external CSS file may well make it extra obvious what ought to be changed

Hmm today when I was looking at it on IE your background isn’t arriving but on the actual Fire Fox it can be showing your qualifications image. IE is basically not cooperating effectively on CSS thou.

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