Name ideas?

building a type of cms. more of your framework website with all the current goodies built in along with a simple dashboard for novice to exp. the name my spouse and i thought was original trouble to have been used and tossed. so i have some name strategies. anybody

Not clear – is that this a name for your theme or some sort of software


web based, highly expandable (by mod not module) method of cms. written for css3/html5/php5.

c’mon. actually. no ideas simply a crumb even nearing completion of the " i will not know" cause it doesn’t have a title.

Had some excellent ones – Googled these folks and apparently I’m not the initial to think associated with ’em > jolt! < =-O

But I’m still thinkin’ at it….

lol. thx feminine. i thought phrameworks was clever but is not only has that been used, it’s already been discarded.

Xpansion CMS… since it’s expandable.

SiteWerx, SiteFrame, SiteMan (my daughter thinks this is too sexist,: have a good laugh, SiteGuru, Frame Guru, Frame4You, InSite, SmartSite…..

Simply just curious, if easy methods to discarded & you probably like it, why don’t you use it regardless

He means someone owns it but nothing’s on the site. Probably just the holding page from your domain registrar.

rokcms or perhaps quarky cms, attempt using godaddys website searcher. They can assist generate names.

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