Namepros PR down to PR4?

Namepros PR because of PR4

Hi NP’ers,

I discovered that Namepros been given another Yahoo and google demotion at PR.It’s because of PR4 via PR5 not too long ago (At on one occasion it’s PR6).

I experience bad relating to this.Is the item because Namepros did not limit hyperlinks on signature

who has learned.

Maybe everyone lost lots of backlinks.

It can be a huge web to choose from.

All stuff interlinked.

The sites giving Namepros a backlink might have lost PR so Namepros displaced its PR.

The sites giving Namepros a backlink shed their PR because sites allowing them the backlink displaced their PR.

The web-sites giving Namepros a backlink dropped their PR because sites supplying them the particular backlink became backlinks with the sites that lost their own PR.

On and also On……

maybe…(hehehe) The search engines finally commenced taking discover of it really is own ‘nofollow’ coverage!

Many of the popular web site I went along to ended upward Loosing there page rank, I guess google is usually getting extra strict around the PR

they transform the algo on a regular basis.After many, they have to make certain that his or her sites reside top, will not they; -)

yes they apparently have adjust there algo.As currently they appear to be updating the pr quite often

Its peculiar how most of my sites who have had absolutely no updates or extremely little great subject material have ended up from PR0 to be able to PR3 in one jump…yet large sites in this way has long gone down a new rank.Weird stuff.

yup checked out the pr coming from
PR because of 4

Google is getting more strict around the PR.They will often change at this time there PR algorithm.

Just one more reason to consider Googles Pagerank using a grain of salt.Daylights, I possess a PR4 internet site that gets somewhat traffic.Real traffic numbers are just what exactly matter, certainly not pagerank.

i are aware that google chenged your algorithm.So yahoo and google updates possibly not monthly ()

A lot of sites I’m sure, specially web sites were hit through the recent replace.Seems that G does some big tweaks.

Other sites

I question if some of our forums missing PR nevertheless than for a second time PR is all about backlinks but not the excellent content that may be available right here.If you go by cost of subject material Namepros can be higher PR.

I did not really see the adjust untill everyone said.Gogole PR employed to mean extra.Oh well.


Well, close friends.Perhaps you will regain this PR benefit on up coming update.

We under no circumstances can notify why.Google’s management is always unpredictable and unreasonable.Improved Check each of our backlinks concerning this matter.

As extended as most of us still receive identical amount (or higher) involving traffic while before, there really should not be anything to be concerned about.

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